This women’s Day express your love to the women of your life

At times, we get the opportunity to tell someone how much we love them. To make them know that our world will doom in their absence. But at many times we dont get such opportunities. SafetyKart’ Women’s Day Writing Competition is one such opportunity. On this international Women’s Day, you can tell the women of your life how much you respect them in their efforts of creating this world a beautiful place.

Contest Details are given below…

Contest entries are now open
The contest is divided in the following 3 categories:
Drawing/Painting/Sketching for age group 6 – 10 years

Writing Contest – Type 1 for age group 10 – 18 years

Writing Contest – Type 2 for age group 18 years and above

The contest entries will be judged by a panel of eminent personalities including names like Shruti Kapoor, Sanya Seth, Suman Nathwani, Mriganka & Nitin Saluja.
These judges will select top three candidates from the 10 candidates selected for each category by a preliminary jury. The last date for submitting an entry is March 7, 2015 by 11:59 PM.
The winners of the contest will be awarded with cash prizes amounting up to Rs. 50,000 and several gift vouchers. Besides this, top 10 winners in each category will receive SafetyKart vouchers worth Rs. 500 each.

Details are up. So what I tell you my readers don’t write for the prize but for the opportunity to tell the women around you that how wonderful they are. These women can be your colleague, your loved one,  your female friend, your cook and in whatever form the woman touches your life.

Write because it will make you a better person.


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