Hey Little Sparrow! Stop coming to my dreams

Hues of a Soul Love Story Once upon a time, there was a writer in south town of London. Living in utter solitude, he was trying to figure out his relationship with a little sparrow bird that comes every morning to land up on his writing table. Every night he thought about people who goes through lost love trauma. He thinks why people go after love, knowing that it’s the thing that leave everyone emotionally robbed and wounded but every morning when he goes to write, the little bird comes over. He kind of started liking her spurious presence. One day, the bird turns into a beautiful girl and started coming over for morning coffee. The writer somehow could not gauge the abstract creation of the girl. He just started spending great time with the girl. They go together for buying groceries, have morning coffee and say goodbye to eachother as the sun sets. Now every morning, when the writer goes on writing his study on lost love, he instead writes about the beauty of love. And one day, the beautiful girl turned into a bird again without saying goodbye to the writer whom she loved. Now, the writer dreams of saving her girl from goons, buying groceries together and in morning he wakes up screaming at the little sparrow, ‘Hey Little Sparrow, stop coming to my dreams’. The little sparrow smiles as ever before…


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