Sorry Guys! this Airtel 4G TVC doesn’t go well

Dear Readers,

This morning, I got an email from The email came as a source of happiness to me because it gave me the opportunity to talk to you guys by writing about ‘Airtel 4G internet challenge’ advert. I bet my entire Indian readership has already watched this Airtel television campaign. I feel like calling it television campaign instead of TVC that my advertising colleagues do. Because I think writers do and think differently so I try to think differently only to pretend myself that I am steadily becoming a big writer that I am not now at least. So, without distracting from my subject, I like to tell you that this post is about the advertisement film that is being used by Airtel for creating buzz for its 4G internet service product.

Today, internet is something we cannot live without today. It is powering thousands of creative agencies & web ventures across the world and now it is also powering up some of the top trending news sites. I have personally experienced that one day of internet unavailability brings the productivity of these news sites to bottom. They are kind of depended on Internet and I find that absurd.

Airtel 4G TVC
We have seen that Internet has the power to enable politicians to get hold of nation’s top post. We have lot to show what high speed internet can do for this nation and its youth but unfortunately we are being tagged as consumerists. I like to ask everyone if we all use internet to watch latest Honey Singh video, I believe we do not. The film tells we use internet to check top five management collages and watching coke studio, download movies and honey Singh videos. But the question looms at large that do we only do this with internet? Aren’t we building businesses out of internet and creating fortunes using the freedom internet has given us? I would have been happier if this TVC would have added a bit of video blogging or something that brings empowerment to us – the consumers of internet. I would have been very happy if this advertising film includes emerging video jockeys, stand-up comedians and our beloved ‘AIB’ sort of YouTube channels.

Now, there is less time left for 4G services to come in our hands and we are ready to enjoy the power of fast speed internet. I wish this time it comes for real.

Love Always

Post Script: I like to say that the solution of creating appropriate advertisement film that includes every section of Indian youth, lies in between (Read: moderation). The film created by Idea cellular company was way too exaggerated. Obviously, we can’t make robot by reading Wikipedia pages, can we? Please write back to me what you guys think about this.


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