What if! Peter Mukarjea played Littlefinger

peter-indrani-mukherjea-lWell, the title of this post struck to me when I saw Peter Mukarajee, constantly changing his stand on Indrani Mukarjea’s arrest across the day. His first ever comment went like this, ‘The police will not make up a case and they would arrest a person only after they have something against her. They told us that she is being taken to a police station in connection with a case. There was nothing amiss in my wife’s conduct and the two share a very normal relationship like any other siblings.’ He gave this statement to Indian Express at about 12:30. As this story was developing constantly, he comes to know about Mikhail Bora’s interview and commented that he has been kept in dark and didn’t aware with any missing person FIR and Raigad farmhouse that Indrani’s family owns. It was little surprising that he couldn’t gauge the relationship between Indrani Mukarajee – his wife and Sheena Bora – passed off as Indrani’s cousin, given his lifelong career as a trader.

This all was happening while Indrani was being grilled by Mumbai police commissioner Rakesh Maria. In a matter of few minutes, social media got hit with the breaking news of Indrani accepting Sheena as her daughter from previous marriage. So at 1:00 PM, he talked to CNN-IBN to improvise his stand and dropped the bomb shell of intimate relationship between step-sibling Sheena and his elder son Rahul. He told the media that he was informed that Sheena left the country for America. Thus, he asked his devastated son Rahul to move on. This was something really disturbing and raises serious questions (that will probably go unanswered). The question is why he asked his son to move on if he wasn’t aware with the actual fate of Sheena. He said that Sheena’s contact number begun going switched off for ‘obvious reasons’. These ‘obvious reasons’ should be defined well because in today’s era youngsters don’t just shut up at the switched off dial tone of their lovers’ contact numbers. They go on searching them on virtual media and get suspicious when they don’t get them there too. So, this theory doesn’t seem working that he didn’t know anything remotely about Sheena’s murder. The more believable tale can go like this – he told his son about the murder of Sheena and asked to move on and his son indeed obeyed his father because he has not any other way out in such a condition.

Later on, he added to CNN-IBN reporter that Indrani didn’t approve Sheena’s affair with his son Rahul. It is an immature effort of framing Indrani as the murderer mother because Sheena and Rahul were not siblings with blood. They were indeed connected with the marriages of their parents. Rahul wasn’t the blood son of Indrani and so he could be an ‘OKAY GUY’ for Sheena if Indrani & Peter have not married. It cannot certainly be the case of honor killing because Indrani herself has married thrice and couldn’t possibly fuss over so called step-sibling love affair between Sheena & Rahul. Later on, it is being reported that police team is officially quizzing Peter Mukarajee.

The Twitter Factor

Like every other popular murder mystery in India, people start speaking (on Twitter & sometimes on TV) and media run their gibberish as credible inputs relevant to the reporting of the murder mystery. So, in this case too. People started tweeting and releasing personal histories related to Indrani & Sheena. Some tweeted with overt sense of pride that they studied together in some high school of Guwahati. While some came forward to say that this is the case of honor killing for scandalizing the matter in Lalit Modi way. The moment tweets started hitting with honor killing word, it alarmed newsrooms in Delhi to Mumbai. Everyone (reporters & social media reporters) started speculating and following the people close to the matter for more details. Soon after this, the news broke out that Indrani has accepted Sheena as her daughter. This was the moment when tweets of incest started coming in. It simply served what it should do to make Indrani look like Nupur Talwar in Aarushi Murder Case. But later on things started going amiss because honor killing trend died its natural death and Indrani started trending as a desperate social climber while the official execution is still on the go.

The LittleFinger Factor

It’s important that I remain true to what I have written in the title of this piece. It’s about seeing Peter in the shoes of LittleFinger (People who are not aware with LittleFinger aka Lord Baelish should google his name to know how he killed King Joffrey and put the blame on Tyrion Lannister and returned back to Kingslanding). Now, I like to add Avirook Sen’s comment where he has mentioned that Indrani was the half power at NewsX and she was inclined to increase her stake in the company. Moreover, her behaviour has been problematic and dominating for Peter Mukarjea. This was a possible reason to see Peter Mukarajee as suspicious because Sheena’s serious relations with his son can emerge as a problem of property dispute so he simply removed both from his path. It is a kind of saying that goes like this if you want to remove big people then purpose won’t be solved just by toppling them from power, you need to steal their right to speak as well.

Post Script: My post is not intended to see Peter as the accused like we are seeing Indrani as one. Instead of this, we must keep patience for the official press releases of official interrogators. Hope this will serve the purpose of this post.


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