About me

Being a keen observer of life, I write about things because writing helps me in seeing multiple perspectives of same things. And it made them interesting. Luckily, I never have experienced writer’s bloc. I read books encompassing genres from general fiction to litrary fiction and general non fiction to biographies and memoirs. I love books. I see them as fierce weapons of knowledge like a shining sword. I love talking about them in my review section and talk to authors in my interview section. At times I write little boring poems. Professionally, I work as a journalist for an established news website.

I owe my sincere thanks to people who come to read my posts. The growing statistics of the site helps me to write more and more. So please keep coming and don’t forget to leave your feedback because that helps.

Thank You for the constant support, appreciation, and love! You can find me at LinkedIn, Google+, and twitter too so lets enjoy virtualย shindies of thoughts and inspirations.


41 thoughts on “About me

  1. I really like the title and good to see your interest towards writing..Some how i feel we all keep changing (I am talking about the hues) with the passing phase but the soul inside us remain the same .All the best for your writing and looking forward for good stuff.

  2. Hi Anant,
    I woke up this morning with your comment on my blog ๐Ÿ™‚ It was a wonderful start. I am not too sure of my writing skills, but I can definitely say ki you have it in you to make it real big. Ohh btw you should include mail notifications in your ‘follow’. Will drop by everyday now. So keep updating ๐Ÿ™‚ Good luck!!

  3. You seem to be an interesting guy.Good luck with your writing. Would love to check you out now & then. I’m from India too.

  4. Your blog is something really great. I enjoyed reading each and everything written in it. I like the way you balance your thoughts. Neither do you draw an apocalyptic picture nor do you picture an Utopian world. Have you written any books? If not I think you should. I too love reading books, its kind of a passion for me. I actually follow Leo Tolstoy’s words- The three most essential things in my life are-books, books and books.
    I look forward to your blog. A wonderful work done!!

  5. Thank you for your detailed report of the launch. I enjoyed reading it. You should have introduced yourself to me that evening. Regards. Sunanda K. Datta-Ray

  6. i must admit… its a well versed piece of emotions and situations untold. you have that passion and thought….pretty good composition but needs a bit improvisation… ใ€€
    good luck…. Wishing for your appetite of writing these creations increase with the tides of time and you can touch new millestones in this field…. Keep on the good show….. ใ€€

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