Sorry Guys! this Airtel 4G TVC doesn’t go well

Dear Readers,

This morning, I got an email from The email came as a source of happiness to me because it gave me the opportunity to talk to you guys by writing about ‘Airtel 4G internet challenge’ advert. I bet my entire Indian readership has already watched this Airtel television campaign. I feel like calling it television campaign instead of TVC that my advertising colleagues do. Because I think writers do and think differently so I try to think differently only to pretend myself that I am steadily becoming a big writer that I am not now at least. So, without distracting from my subject, I like to tell you that this post is about the advertisement film that is being used by Airtel for creating buzz for its 4G internet service product.

Today, internet is something we cannot live without today. It is powering thousands of creative agencies & web ventures across the world and now it is also powering up some of the top trending news sites. I have personally experienced that one day of internet unavailability brings the productivity of these news sites to bottom. They are kind of depended on Internet and I find that absurd.

Airtel 4G TVC
We have seen that Internet has the power to enable politicians to get hold of nation’s top post. We have lot to show what high speed internet can do for this nation and its youth but unfortunately we are being tagged as consumerists. I like to ask everyone if we all use internet to watch latest Honey Singh video, I believe we do not. The film tells we use internet to check top five management collages and watching coke studio, download movies and honey Singh videos. But the question looms at large that do we only do this with internet? Aren’t we building businesses out of internet and creating fortunes using the freedom internet has given us? I would have been happier if this TVC would have added a bit of video blogging or something that brings empowerment to us – the consumers of internet. I would have been very happy if this advertising film includes emerging video jockeys, stand-up comedians and our beloved ‘AIB’ sort of YouTube channels.

Now, there is less time left for 4G services to come in our hands and we are ready to enjoy the power of fast speed internet. I wish this time it comes for real.

Love Always

Post Script: I like to say that the solution of creating appropriate advertisement film that includes every section of Indian youth, lies in between (Read: moderation). The film created by Idea cellular company was way too exaggerated. Obviously, we can’t make robot by reading Wikipedia pages, can we? Please write back to me what you guys think about this.


Making of a Universe

googleSince I was a 13 years boy, I saw only one side of love. It was to walk with someone to reach somewhere. This someone should have been the person whom you can like and feel proud to walk in daylight. But one day something happened and it changed my way of seeing love or close cousins of this strong emotion. Let me tell you the story of two people who were not in love of each other. They were fellow travelers, who liked each other genuinely. They sought utter joy in each other’s company. They found solace in seeing each other smiling. And, one day they embarked on a journey to come close but they lost in a world which was even unknown to them. They went to a movie.

Movie was the idea of the boy as he wanted to see the girl like a painting lover looks at a classic painting, like a painter looks his canvas, likes a writer looks at his notebook, like a passionate boy looks at a beautiful girl. In a movie hall, it was easy to avoid to people who stare at such unions. So they reached the movie hall on time and landed on their seats. Movie was about to begin and suddenly the girl found a kid on seat next to them. Seeing the kid as a potential cause of disruptions in romantic exchanges, girl requested the multiplex manager to change seats. Manager ignored the reason of request and replied utterly that he understands the reason and offered a corner seat. It made the girl embarrassed a bit but she quickly returned. It was a cool change -a seat next to the service gate of the hall. It added fun in their journey. For the first half, they kept on laughing loudly. As the visuals and audio were not matching to each other. They were getting the audio of Dhishum – Dhishum when on screen pair were making love, due to their proximity of service door. It kinda added fun in the union. They didn’t know how many times they laughed on manager’s reaction of proper seating arrangement.

After the first half, they begin watching movie seriously as the movie on alongside screen was over. They were sipping cold-drink and eating pop-corns. Now was the time when something strange happened. The boy embarked on his journey in a rocky ocean. Unaware of how to take his boat further in that tidy mountain, the boy was trying to go ahead instead of turning back to shore because he didn’t come from any shore. They were still watching the movie, still noticing each unfolding of the movie plot but the girl was going across tidy emotions. The boy was going ahead in her ocean of emotions. Soon…the boy will learn sailing in the tidy ocean and ocean will accept its new sailor. Then they will belong to each other. A universe will be made.

Social Media – A Risky Bridge for News Feeds

Bret Barnum, Devonte HartWhile reading Jonathan Jones’ post on Ferguson riots, I was shocked to see the worsening situation of journalism across the world. In his post, Jon has said that publishing a picture with a white cop hugging a black guy in Ferguson streets is a blatant cover up of the wounded state of American society. Considerably, the grand jury has denied filing a case against the cop who fired at black guy. It has sparked off the large scale debate across America over the issue of divide in black and white. In such a moment, a white cop hugging black guy gets shared for 4 million times. It is being posed as greatest symbol of human reconciliation. It says that despite all the odds a simple hug can defy the nation shaking debate over racial debate. It is a blatant lie. The camera has the opportunity to show what suits to the story. The journalist has clearly stated that the use of an appropriate image helps the story teller in making the story convincing. However, The deliberate use of appropriate pictures to form a certain news story creates propaganda. The propaganda journalism is not new. Jon has said in his article that dishonest manipulation of pictures was the specialty of state propagandist since 1930 to 1940.

But things are quite different in this age of social media freedom. Today the readers aka users aka consumers can enjoy the freedom of seeing what we like to see, reading what we like to read and share what appeals to them. The social media value of news stories ascertains which story will be followed and which will be not. For example, if a certain news story on Catalan self-determination referendum, 2014, doesn’t get the due love from online readers then the story might not be able to get typed again by the news site’s resource. It’s a depressing problem of social media powered news portals that mass communication portals are bound to shout what users want to listen. In such cases, the editorial control remains limited to assess the shareability and salability of the news stuff.

So as Jon has said when a certain news story, a picture or an audio-visual gets maximum love from online users aka consumers, that stuff is salable, therefore popular, therefore true.


Whom Should be Believed?

While reading Inder Malhotra’s series on former prime minister Jawahar Lal Nehru, I come to know about how great communicator Nehru was. The article series is covering all the personality attributes of the great leader of Indian politics. I am quite convinced with the contents of this series. I believe he was The Leader with such exemplary persona.

But I was shocked when my younger brother raised a question on the authenticity of the columnist’s claims. He was quite clear in his point and his clarity convinced me to raise this question. He asked that should we trust on these columnists or newspaper when they are not neutral in their ideologies and alliances. It was quite a logical question that one columnist with such great influence can easily serve the needs of a propaganda. Here I would like to be generic and cover all the opinions of great and learned columnists in all the newspapers.

Here I can come to remember the Dan Brown quote about the difference in science and Christianity. Mr. Brown shared one of his childhood memories. Once being baffled with two different theories of origination of the world, little Brown asked the priest about the authenticity of different versions of origination of the world. The priest answered, ‘Nice Boys don’t ask such questions’. This is same way our youngsters are asking questions. They want to know which so-called truth is truth itself. They all want to accept our leaders as they were in nature without keeping them in any category good or bad. There’s one consensus that whatever they did was best in their limited capabilities.

But the question is who is authentic enough to tell the truth about them. Everyone is so busy in making their marks and previous leaders are the tools of current day politics. So there is a question that we should trust on the authenticity of this newspaper or that newspaper, this columnist or that columnist. It’s just a reference. Someday Subrsmaniyan Swami will come again with his set of self authorised revelations, which will put Nehru in a bad light. He will tell stories to malign the persona of Gandhi Family or making Indians aware with real Gandhi family. The motives are unclear. So who’s right and who’s wrong is the question of greater concern. The authorities must come in common consensus on the matter of historical data and content.

Because if we’ll continue this then sooner or later our youngsters will stop giving the minimum possible impossible respect to their leaders. They will grow confused and wold have none to follow in their troubled times. They seriously will get none to learn from the deeds of their forefathers. Thus, I think we should work on this now.

Lord Heartilious and his Kingly State

Once upon a time, there was a kingly state called Bodyalwis. It was famous as a godly state across the seas. People have believed that God has himself adorned this state with great virtues. It was a common belief that God used to live in the dense beautiful forests of Bodyalwis. So they were referred as Godwood. Such specifics always helped Bodyalwis in sustaining its hegemony over other free states of the world. But a state can’t be remembered long for the geographical virtues but for the great deeds of rulers. People sing songs for formidable rulers across the seas. And Bodyalwis was under the protection of two brothers: Brainilous the elder brother and Heartilious the younger one. Bodyalwis was being ruled by King Brainilous – the first of his name. His wisdom was exemplary. He was known for his godly powers of making finer judgements and spilling the blood of his enemies in the battlefield. His victories over seas and lands was insurmountable. It was a common notion among his soliders that their King was capable in counting the horses, elephants and giants of enemies in the first few seconds of confrontation. His eyes were sharp enough to see through the eyes of liers. With all such godly qualities, everyone used to trust on King Brainilous advice and consult him before any important decision. Even his subjects used to queue up before his court before accepting any new state policies so that their King can make new favorable changes.

On contrary to this, Heartilious was known as the kindest person of Bodyalwis royal family. He was the hand of the king and used to rule the kingdom in the stead of the King. He was deeply loved by the people of the state because he was a believer of contended lifestyle. Lord Heartilious was known winning the hearts of his enemies with his Nobel deeds.

This was the cause of conflict between King Brainilous and Lord Heartilious. They used to see the life with their own perspectives. Being the hand of the King, it was the solomon responsibility of Lord Heartilious to ensure the balance in the work and life of his subjects. He used to announce welfare policies and schemes to keep his subjects full of energy and happiness. The implementation of these policies was the seed of all problems of the state. Although the polices were directed to ensure stress free lives to the subjects of the state. But when they get to the king’s table. The overtly calculative king used to spend months and months in thinking about the best ways of implementation of polices. It used to cause distress in the people of Bodyalwis. They used to keep on waiting for their wise king 👑 so that their lives can be stressfree. The people of Bodyalwis used to trust on the wisdom of their King more than the good intentions of hand of the King.

In one summer, all the states were going to take part in blood combat tournaments. The Bodyalwis held the record of previous nine titles. Before Bodyalwis, the Etios won the tournament. But this time, things were not normal. The Gladiators who were to take part in combat tournaments, were not practicing combat arts due to lack of sports welfare programs. Seeing this, Lord Heartilious took the front seat and proposed needful schemes to save the honour of the state. He proposed special schemes in front of state’s small council. The small council asked the king to make favorable changes in the scheme. But King kept on passing time over the bunch of files. The anxiety among subjects of the state were growing with each passing day. Gladiators were earnestly waiting for approval of welfare scheme but King Brainilous was making changes in the scheme while time was passing. In general, taking part in such contests was not the cup of tea of King Brainilous. So he was not concerned if Bodyalwis wins or loose the Contest. But Lord Heartilious was in favour of such contests knowing the fact such contest grows the confidence of commoners. Hence, Lord Heartilious and his colleagues were pressing the King to take a final stand on the policy implementation. In between, King had to go on his regular hunting tours.

The situation was deteriorating as the final dates of the contests were coming close. So one day a group of people came in the chamber of Lord Heartilious and asked for finalising the policy of sports welfare. Lord Heartilious was in capacity of ordering the implementation of the policy. So he gave his approval to the administration department. And, Gladiators begun practising the art of combat. Time came and Bodyalwis won the tournament for the tenth time.

The King called all the Gladiators for award ceremony. On announcing awards to Gladiators and their support staff. The King called Lord Heartilious for the biggest award of the state and praised his Lord his administrative skills. On receiving such a great award, the Hand of the King asked the King and his subjects to show their trust in him in the matters of fulfilling necessary requirements of the people of the Bodyalwis. The representatives shown their agreement with the hand of  the king. Since then…the Bodyalwis is beaming with the sheer joy of Life and Love among people. The lifestyle of Bodyalwis remained contented for decades …

Post Script: Now when you have read how the life of Bodyalwis people changed from being stressful to contented. You can see the godly Bodyalwis as human body. Its Great King Brainilous as human Brain and Lord Heartilious as human Heart. The subjects of Bodyalwis state is you. So now so on if you want to increase your confidence by learning dance then just go and take admission in any dance. And don’t ever look at your weight, height and other aspects because Lord Heartilious is going to grow your confidence with dance class and you have to show confidence in his decisions. The mind cruelly manipulates the wishes of human beings with its facts and rational approaches. However, the fact is that your mind does calculations of your previous deeds whereas heart sees the potential and passion of yours for taking one step ahead. So just take one step ahead and leave one comment below about how much you liked this story of state Bodyalwis…

The Ride…To Mutual Freedom

On this Diwali evening, I am endlessly chatting with her. My fingers are going numb, smartphone is going out of battery, mom is calling to take part in the Diwali Pooja but I am endlessly chatting with her. Everyone around me is curious to know about this new girlfriend of mine as I’ve just come out of a relationship and such day and night chatting give parents some signals. But she is not a love. Yea…I say this with full of conviction that I don’t love her.

Then…what’s it? She’s my fellow traveler. We work in the same organisation and never ever thought or felt like attachment or something close to love. Yet I talk to her day and night. She is not my friend nor aquitance but I some how like to talk to her though we don’t get anything to talk but we keep on laughing in all of our conversations.

She has named with a common name of girls. But I believe she should be named after a bird because she is like a little sparrow. ‘My little sparrow’, who regularly comes in early morning hours and wakes me up from my fearful dreams. She sits at my window pane and munch on her daily dose of wheat grains or rice grains. I don’t go close to my bird but I know her. She knows to me. We make eachother’s life happy with our little courtesies. But birds don’t get married and they won’t stop coming to my window pane. But my birdy dove will be out of my reach. I may not be able to travel the city with my bird. So here again comes the compulsion of holding my bird which I can’t. I am bound to fulfil some duties and carve my name on the slippery rock of time.

Whatever…I will be by her side whenever she would need me and welcome anything if something comes naturally…Happy Diwali My Readers

The Demon Called Confusion

Confusion is the most dreadful demon I have ever met in my life. It’s like a black magic that keep on killing your time and trouble your head by forcing to make the best decisions. It makes you think, think and think about the right election of available choices. In contrary to this, there are no right or wrong choices available on the face of the earth. They are simply the roads which let’s mark our presence. But we keep on stressing our mind to make right choices.

I believe some people face the wrath of this demon so badly that they don’t even reach office on time. Ha ha yes it’s true. I would like to share a story with you all about this. Once I was on my way to office and suddenly I noticed an old man, sitting in his car, looking here and there at three different roads with blank eyes for 10 long minutes. I could observe him for this long due to Monday morning jam.  As the jam cleared, I reached to the guy and asked what happened Sir? Have you lost something or a new in this city? The answer was quite surprising. He said, “I have lost a choice, was going to office and all three roads will take me to my office. But I am not able to decide which road I should take. The first road will get me a speedy ride, second one will get me stumbling ride and third one is bit longer but full of fun and interesting people. Now I am not able to decide which one I should choose”. This answers stunned me and made me think that this guy has nothing to do than choosing the right road to reach office. I questioned back,”are you going to your new workplace” No, I am going there for about ten years but today just while being struck in jam, this thought of taking the best way came to me and I am still trying to figure out which one is best.” he replied. I saw his face while saying this and pain of being confused was so visible.
So I said, would you like to get out of this dilemma and reach your workplace?” yes! Yes! He said. Then I said, “Take the first one to reach office because if I am not wrong reaching office is your target not touring the city. “yes”, he said and took the first road. It freed his mind from the trouble of making choices.

I say we all must be very quick in taking the decisions because we can’t get all at once. The old man was right that each road was offering something different to him and it’s quite a treat to get the nice ride to office. But the old man can’t get all at once. So one should always be ready to loose something in place of something as I missed my morning coffee while writing this post.

Happy blogging friends…