An Evening at Painter’s Universe


Some days back, I was with a girl, whose name I wish to be coined with mine. It was a calm and normal day. Everything was settling at a normal pace. I woke up early and tried understanding one of my dream. In my dream, I saw a painter splashing colors at his canvas. Such vivid dreams were not new to me. I have even seen people discussing concepts of horror and sex in my dreams. But this painter’s dream was little more engrossing as he was splashing colors at his canvas hysterically. The whole room was being splattered with different shades of prussian blue, crimson red and mustered yellow. But I could not gauge the abstract creation of ‘the painter’. After spending about an hour in search of the meaning of this dream over web, I ended up feeling frustrated. The mystery of the ‘creation in process’ remain unsolved. But I somehow managed to transport myself back into the real life where I was to go the office.

This day, I was to meet the girl I liked. But that was a very small section of the day. The meeting was about to happen at 7 o’ clock in evening and 10 hours long working day was ahead of me. The painter’s dream was perturbing me hard. I again spent about thirty minutes in office to find the meaning of the dream. But nothing happened. Restlessness was growing with each failed effort. Somehow I managed to complete the day’s work without any blunder. And left my workplace at 6:30 evening to meet my girl.

Clad in creamy white cardigan with pink flowers, she looked like the goddess of pink color. Every time I saw her such analogies came to my mind. She’s waiting for me at the check-in counter. We weren’t in love but we liked eachother’s company. We were fellow travelers. It was the first time we were into a movie hall. Opportunity makes people greedy for things that they can’t avail. But they also give the courage people to stand and show their guts by fighting hard for someone you love. In the movie hall, we were able to see each other to our heart contents. But we were watching the movie. Each fight scene was being consumed with bigger amount of popcorn. I sipped from her soft-drink after quickly finishing mine. We were sharing cold-drink in a manner as if we were together for years. Such familiarity and comfort in sharing glasses were seemed magical to me. But we didn’t say a word. The search for popcorn was making our fingers crash unknowingly. Heart was pounding so hard that I felt like being in a dream again. Her presence looked dreamy as we didn’t talk. But the moment was so overwhelming that I couldn’t tell her if I liked the movie or not. I was so speechless and stunned that I could only experiencing the presence of my girl in a sacred way. I didn’t touch her because she touched me with her overwhelming presence. Each time, my fingers crashed with hers she went more silent. This unknown touch was bringing emotional thunderstorms for her. It brought me more close to her for support. But she was not looking for support. She was herself an ocean of happiness. This day, she opened her ocean of love for me. In this ocean I will have to sail using my own Skills. After the movie, the painter’s dream was not anymore a mystery. The ‘creation in process’ was nothing but my growing love for the girl of my life.

Thanks for giving us the opportunity to write about a memorable even though signifying positivity and optimism of love.


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